Horror Collection: Blood [1000+ textures]



The Biggest Blood Decal Collection in the World!

This collection contains more 1000 perfect quality watercolor textures.
Dots, Spots, Trails, Splatters, Flowings, Words and Symbols and miscellaneous textures.

Full Screenshot List:
•Dots, Splatters, Flowings, Splashes - http://game-ready.store/blood-splashes/
•Trails, Spots - http://game-ready.store/blood-trails/
•Words and Symbols - http://game-ready.store/blood-words-symbols/

•The Biggest Blood Collection in the World!
•Handpainted textures

Texture Resolutions:

Number of Textures:
1000+ Original Textures/1000+ Normal Maps

Important Note: Only PNG texture collection meshes not included

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