Stary Oskol, Russia








Hello! My name is Alexander, I'm from Russia. I work as a freelance 3D artist. My main software is 3ds Max for high and low-poly modeling, retopology, LOD, uv-mapping and baking. Also have some base knowledge in rendering and animation. Base knowledge of ZBrush - use it for simple modeling, detailing, fixing problems with high poly models such as 3d scans, creating z-remeshed and decimated low poly models. Worked with Maya on the level of texture baking finalizing and preparing model for game engines. Learning Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Fusion 360. Continue to learn zBrush. Also have experience with 2D art such as creating characters for 2d games in 3ds Max, rendering them into image sequences, reworking them inside After Effects (color correction and additional effects), rendering to sprites, creating sprite sheets, importing it to Unity. Have some experience with 2D effects, GUI and other 2d art mostly for mobile games. Have experience with video commercials and design for printing. Passionate gamer and cyclist (fitness, bodybuilding, boxing/kickboxing, skying in winter) Fluent English. Ready to work.