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With Nebula you can render up to 1,000 times faster using its super powerful GPU and CPU servers.

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Blender 3.0+ Supported

 Nebula Features


  •  2.5X faster than our nearest competitor.
  •  Up to 1,000X faster than your desktop GPU.
  •  Nebula will save you the hours of manual rendering, giving you back your free time.
  •  Nebula can complete thousands of frames an hour.
  •  Check out our Benchmarks.
  •  Our render farm for Blender is cheaper than you think.
  •  Nebula is 20% cheaper than its closest competitor.
  •  Get FREE $25 credit when you sign up and start your free trial. That's more than 3.5 hours of rendering completely free.
  •  Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

Costs less.

Elevates Quality.

  •  No longer need to make a trade-off between rendering time and quality – Nebula gives you both.
  •  Nebula allows you to iterate faster.
  •  Using our Blender render farm frees up your desktop machine giving you more time to refine.
  •  Split frames over multiple machines, reducing render times at no extra charge.
  •  You can run a job with up to 6 servers at once. Nebula will allocate frames between each server and then render them synchronously, decreasing real world rendering time by 6X.



  •  No job queues unlike other Blender render farms. Start rendering immediately every time.
  •  Easy to use interface. It just works.
  •  No software downloads required.
  •  All Blender files and renders are held securely encrypted in the Cloud.
  •  We also don't your hold card or payment details on our servers.


Money Back Guarantee

  •  If you won't jump into shark infested waters to tell others about Nebula after 30 days, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. That's how confident we are.
  •  If you need help - email - we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed.
  •  In the unlikely event that we can't solve your issue via email, we'll even organise a Zoom or Google Hangouts call with you to resolve the issue.

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