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 Render Farm Features

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  •  2.5X faster rendering than our nearest competitor.
  •  Up to 1,000X faster than your desktop GPU.
  •  We will save you the hours of manual rendering, giving you back your free time.
  •  You can complete thousands of frames in just an hour.
  •  Check out our Benchmarks.
  •  Our render farm for Blender is cheaper than you think.
  •  Nebula is 20% cheaper than its closest competitor farm for the performance.
  •  Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

Costs less

Improves Quality

  •  No longer need to make a trade-off between render time and quality – we give you both.
  •  Our render farm will allow you to iterate faster.
  •  Free up your desktop machine giving you more time to refine.
  •  Split frames over multiple machines, reducing render times at no extra charge.
  •  You can run a job with up to 6 servers at once. Allocate frames between each server and then render them synchronously, decreasing real world rendering time by 6X.
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  •  No job queues unlike other render farms. Start rendering immediately every time.
  •  Easy to use interface. It just works.
  •  No desktop or Blender software downloads required.
  •  All Blender files and renders are held securely encrypted in the Cloud.
  •  We also don't your hold card or payment details on our servers.
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Money Back Guarantee

  •  If you won't jump into shark infested waters to tell others about us after 30 days, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. That's how confident we are.
  •  If you need help - email - we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed.
  •  In the unlikely event that we can't solve your issue via email, we'll even organise a Zoom or Google Hangouts call with you to resolve the issue.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Render Farm?

As per the Wikipedia definition - A render farm is a high-performance computer system, e.g. a computer cluster, built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI), typically for film and television visual effects.

Does you farm offer rendering for 3D modeling software other than Blender?

Not currently, but we are working on adding support for other 3D modeling software, including 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, and Houdini to name a few.

Why should I use a render farm?

This is a common question, especially from those who are new to 3D. As 3D rendering is massively computationally expensive it has become standard practice for individuals up to large studios to outsource their 3D rendering. This way they can save time and money by not having to purchase, set up, and maintain their own rendering servers which can be complicated and costly.

As the industry has evolved, rendering has become increasingly democratised by online render farm services which allow hobbyists and small professional studios to benefit from the power of online cloud rendering services but without the high price of creating their own.

To put it into perspective, it took Pixar 800,000 machine hours to render Toy Story 1 in 1995 using their own farm of 117 servers. Today, you could accomplish the same number of render hours on our blender render farm, but you can do it all without any upfront cost at all.

What kind of rendering do you offer?

We offer both CPU rendering and GPU 3D rendering.

What versions of Blender are supported?

Our cloud rendering service supports Blender 3.0 and above.

What should I do if a scene fails to render?

Simply contact our support team experts at any time of day and they will do their best to solve all issues. Please visit our Support page to get in touch with our team. If we are unable to solve your issues due to a system failure we will offer a refund.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, in the case of a system failure we are happy to offer refunds. Please contact our Support team if you believe a refund is required.

Is there any software downloads needed to render on Nebula?

No, all rendering is completed in the browser.

Do you offer a free trial?

Not at the moment, but we do offer Free Trials occasionally. Sign up and you’ll receive a newsletter when we begin a free trial.

Do you offer rendering for 3D modeling software other than Blender?

Not currently, but we are working on adding support for other 3D modeling software.

Do I need to register an account?

Yes, in order to use our Blender render farm you will need to create an account with us using an email. Then simply activate your account using the verification link sent to your email.

Where are ForgeHub and Nebula based?

We are a UK based business located in Cardiff, Wales. Our data centres and farm are located in the United States.

How does payments work?

Every account has an associated credit balance. You can start rendering by depositing funds into your account balance that will deplete as you render each job. We only charge for render time so uploading and downloading of assets and files are completely free.

What payment providers do you support?

We support Credit and Debit cards using the Stripe secure payments platform, we also support PayPal. We require a small minimum deposit of $1.00.

Do you store any payment information?

No, payment information is stored on our third party payment providers - Stripe and PayPal.

Is my balance calculated in real time?

Yes, as you render a job, after each frame is completed your balance will be updated with the cost of that frame.

What if I run out of funds mid-job?

Your Blender job will render the frame up until your balance hits zero and then that job will finish. You will still be able to download your frames that were completed for that job even if the entire job itself did not complete in its entirety. Your funds will not become negative.

How do I upload my project to the render farm?

Simply upload them in the assets page within the browser. You only need to upload your Blender file once, and we will store it for you so you can use it to render jobs as many times as you like.

How many render nodes do you offer?

We have hundreds of servers and nodes available. Currently, the maximum number of nodes available to a customer per job is 6. If you wish to have more nodes to be used for a job you can split a job up by frames and have them be rendered separately over a project.

Do you support 3D animation?

Yes, absolutely, you can simply render as you would normally. Our service allows you to select a single frame or a range of frames to render.

How do I download the completed rendered frames?

Once a job is completed the completed frames will be packaged into a zip file that you can download straight from the jobs page.

Do I need a subscription?

Our render farm is a pay-as-you-go service and so no subscription is required. Just deposit funds into your account, and you’re ready to go.

Do I need to download Blender in order to render?

No you can just upload your .blend file and render directly. If you do wish to download Blender you can visit the Blender Foundation download page.

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