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70% Royalties on Each Sale

Reap the rewards for your efforts and creativity and take home 70% royalties on all products sold from your store.

No Exclusivity Lock In

We believe that artists should be free. We don't believe in locking in our artists to monopolise the market.

Set Your Own Prices

Your products, your prices. Simple.

No Product Approval Needed

Create, Upload and Edit your creations whenever and however you like.

Instant Delivery

All products are delivered instantly to customers and we make sure we do all the heavy lifting in the background for you.

3D Printing

Ever wanted to sell models exclusivity for 3D printing? Well, now you can with our 3D Printing  product options. This makes it easier for our customers to find and buy model that have been created specifically for printing.

Payments Made Simple

We use PayPal and Stripe Connect for payments. This means that you'll receive payments with piece of mind.

Always Improving

We're always adding new services and features. It's incredibly important to us that we keep creating more value for our artists and customers alike.

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